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You know your business needs a better social media presence. 

We take care of Facebook for you...

Facebook done-for-you service. 

Save time, save hassle, get clients!


Facebook done-for-you service. Save time, save hassle, get clients! You know your business needs a better social media presence. We take care of Facebook for you...

Let us generate social buzz for your business... Your customers are on Facebook, we help connect them and bring them to your business...

30 Day Trial Special $97

Facebook done-for-you 30 day trial for only $97. For a Limited Time.

We will post engaging content on your Facebook business page increasing your Facebook presence and interaction... for 30 days, done-for-you. Our worker bees will prove their worth to you by creating a social buzz about your business on your business Facebook page.

Facebook, Becomes No Longer an Impossible Task But a Business Builder Done-For-You

  • Get more views on your business Facebook Page 

  • Get more interaction from customers and prospects

  • Make special offers and drive business profits

  • Look like you're open for business!

  • Here's What We Do For You...

    Done-for-you service to achieve what is not getting done and get results.

    Regular Facebook Posting

    New posts on your Facebook page keeps your business in front of buyers and engages them to follow and interact.

    Facebook Promotions

    We create buzz about your business with coupons, contests and other promotions that bring people in your door ready to buy.

    Reduce Your Stress

    We take the effort and hassle of finding interesting posts, and keeping up with Facebook's constant changes for you.

    30 Day Trial Special $97

    Facebook, No Longer an Impossible Task. We Can Do It For You!


    We create great content to circulate via Facebook to drive valuable traffic and more potential buyers to your business. (We can offer initial Facebook account setup or optimizing existing account services, if required.) Limited Time Offer. One Facebook Trial Posting Service per Business.

    30 Day Trial Special $97

    Don't Miss This Facebook Done-For-You Opportunity!!!

    You know you need to be on social media but who can keep up with all the demands of business and social media updates? In today’s world too much business comes via social media for you to ignore it.

    By having an active social media presence more buyers will engage with your company instead of your competition. More engagement means more sales. If you’re too busy running your business to do the daily, multiple updates that a proper social media presence requires, let us do it for you.

    Never miss out again on sales because your company does not have a presence where your buyers are.

    We can take the pain and hassle out of keeping your company’s image and message in front of buyers on Facebook.

    Try us for 30 days to bring life to your Facebook page.

    If you decide to continue using our done-for-you service you’ll find our rates so reasonable it’s hard to say no to having this headache cured for good.

    If you don't have a Facebook page, don't worry, we will create an optimized, custom Facebook page for your business. Contact us to reserve your spot for our limited time 30 day offer.

    Without an active Facebook business Page people will wonder if you are open for business and look elsewhere.

    Regular posting is a sign of life for an online presence. If people find or search out your business online and there is nothing there or the info is outdated, you will lose that business. Staying relevant means staying active and engaging.

    Facebook is social but also Full of Buyers so make sure to connect and sell 

    A big part of Facebook is social and entertainment but a lot of business is done and promoted also. Your business is missing out on all those buyers if you're not there, active and offering some promotions. There is an optimum mix of social and promotion that will help attract and sell people. We will help you reach that optimum mix.

    Delegation of important and time consuming tasks is a success strategy, we can be your go-to Facebook done-for-you service provider at less cost than using an employee.

    Business Facebook Posting is our speciality and we can find the right content and promotions to help your business have a real presence on Facebook to build a better online foundation.

    30 Day Trial Special $97

    Can Your Business Afford NOT to Be Active on Facebook?

    We will help your profile and your business improve its social standing and exposure thru facebook for new and existing clients. When people look for your business what will they see? Nothing? Inactivity?

    30 Day Trial Special $97

    Contact us to get started on your 30 day special offer trial.

    Try Our Facebook Posting for 30 Days...

    We create great content to circulate via Facebook to drive valuable traffic and more potential buyers to your business. 

    Limited Time Offer. One Facebook Posting Service per Business.

    Try Our Service FOR 30 DAYS

    (We can offer initial Facebook account setup or optimizing existing accounts services, if required.)

    Facebook Facts

    • 50% of active users log on to Facebook every day

    • More than 500 million active users

    • Average user has 130 friends or mores

    • People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

    • There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages)

    Facebook Advantages

    • Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events.

    • More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month.

    • With 500 million users on Facebook, you can drive a lot of traffic to your website through your business Facebook Page.

    Let's Hear From Some Of The Experts

    “According to our latest research, discounted offers on Facebook are the single biggest influence trigger driving consumers to visit websites, call and even book appointments with local businesses. With Facebook’s U.S. digital display ad revenues expected to reach $6.82 billion in 2015, small businesses cannot afford to ignore or postpone social media marketing any longer.”.

    by FaceBook Facts, CEO

    "Recent marketing studies show that, while 14% People Trust Ads, 76% of People trust their friends and family recommendations for purchase decisions. Social Media Marketing Services such as Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be valuable sales, marketing and support tools if you know how to effectively apply them for your business."

    by Real Media Inc.

    "Social media is essential to driving traffic to your website to keep your search engine ranking on the rise!"

    Toni I.

    30 Day Trial Special $97

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Facebook Still Relevant?

    Absolutely YES. There are still millions of users and they interact on Facebook daily. Many use the search function on Facebook to look for businesses, research businesses and make buying decisions. Facebook offers reviews for businesses and has valuable marketing opportunities. If Facebook users look for your business and it's not there or the Page has not been posted to for months or years then many will look elsewhere, which means lost business.

    Is Facebook the best social media media for my business?

    Facebook is important enough that most businesses need to be on and active on Facebook. There are many social media platforms and some of your customers and potential customers are definitely on Facebook and many are on other platforms. Each platform will have a percentage of your market. Facebook is a primary one and we can check to see what other platforms are valuable for your business to be on, we can post there also.

    Do I have to provide content for you to post?

    No. We will find, create and post regular content relevant to your business and general interest content without you having to do anything. Your Facebook business Page will be up to date, fresh, relevant and build a larger audience. BUT, we invite you to provide us with any specific content and special offers you want us to add into our content plan for each month. Also, any content that you desire to post, you can post anytime you want.

    What do I get with the $97 trial Offer?

    We will evaluate your Facebook business Page presence and history and plan out a posting schedule for future content. We will Post 3 times per week and one special offer Post that you provide the offer for. After the 30 days we will recommend a future posting schedule based on your market and Page performance. You can then decide if you wish to retain us to continue posting for you on one of our regular monthly posting plan offers.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Are You Ready To Use Done-For-You Facebook Posting To Build Your Online Presence And Grow Your Business?

    This is a limited time offer. One Business Page per business. Try us out, you'll be glad you did.